This tailored and bespoke software program was developed by Quaker Houghton to support our Fluidcare® and your Metal Working Fluid operations. The system is auditable and allows users to identify both performance and cost trends for any given machine or system immediately.

Designed for optimum coolant and lubrication management, all analytical results from each machine test are automatically recorded and promptly displayed on QH FLUIDTREND™, displaying the condition of the coolant at any time, enabling trends to be displayed and reports generated instantly on an easy-to-use interface.

QH FLUIDTREND™ can easily assist with lubrication duties, able to collate data generated during oil top-ups, providing insightful reports by application point, such as top leakers, top users, as well as cost analysis and usage trends. QH FLUIDTREND™ management reports aids compliance with Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) guidance on the control and disposal of metalworking fluids.


QH FLUIDTREND™ is an intuitive and user-friendly customer portal allowing machine reports and trends to be generated quickly and easily. QH FLUIDTREND™ allows you to make informed decisions in regard to your production activities with complete confidence.

  • Compliancy
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Analysis
Benefits of the Client Portal
  • Effectively manage and control your metalworking fluids: increase fluid lifetime and reduce waste disposal, helping you reduce your environmental impact

  • Increase productivity, reduce operating costs: improve tool quality and life, reduce machine downtime and fluid usage

  • User-centric design and built in User Experience (UX)

  • Easy to identify machine issues with traffic light system

  • Easy reporting and cost analysis, generate PDFs for download & print

FluidTrend Mobile
FluidTrend Mobile

The Data Logger scans the QR code at the Point of Application on the machine and test results are submitted.

FluidTrend Desktop

This data can then be viewed on any device through the customer portal, which generates reports within QH FLUIDTREND™.

FluidTrend Services
Your personalised, central portal
  • Easy to use left hand navigation
  • Quick links to other areas of the portal
  • Add report to dashboard panel
  • A help area that will guide you through the features of the page you’re on
  • Screen mode that automatically slides through reports on your dashboard in full screen.
FluidTrend Browser
FluidTrend Browser
Your finger on the pulse
  • Simple traffic light status system, the colour-coded cards allow you to quickly scan across your range of machines
  • The machine cards display a range of quick information, including: Days since last cleanout, Bacteria status, Concentration status, pH status
  • Target areas of your factory with easy-to-use filters that organise your machines by site and location
  • Change the view to your preference – card or list view
Machine status
See historic data for a particular machine
  • Determine the costs and usage of a machine
  • Detailed, multi-format data analysis
  • Real-time date filters that allow you to access up to a years worth of information
  • Trend data for multiple POAs
  • Quick generate PDF report on the machine
Generate Instant PDF reports for download & print
  • Compare costs by product, machine and location
  • Compare fluid usage by machine and product
  • Generate reports on all test data over desired time period
  • Real-time date filters that allow you to access up to a years worth of information
FluidTrend Reports